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Queen In Ottawa


Part of the mandate of the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust is to provide factual information on the Canadian Monarchy to the public. This part of our website is devoted to that role. Over time, information sheets and essays will be posted here to provide a research asset for persons, especially students, studying the Crown, its history and its role in Canadian life. Check the site regularly to see what is new.





Armed Forces Topics

The Royal Family and the Armed Forces

The Guards

The Royal Family and The Battle of Britain

The Commonwealth Division


Biographical Topics

Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada

A Royal Reflection of the Canadian Mosaic

The Sovereigns of Canada

Queen Victoria, 1837-1901: Mother of Confederation

King George V, 1910-1936

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

Shakespeare and His Monarchs


Ceremonial Topics


Constitutional, Legal and Political Topics

The Queen and Her Successors as Heads of the Commonwealth

A History of the Royal Style and Titles

Facts About Canada’s Monarchy

The Monarchy and Canadian Independence

The Sovereign, Her Heir And Her Current Representatives


Cultural and Social Topics

Christmas and Royalty

Royal and Viceregal Sporting Heritage

The Queen’s Birthday in Canada

The Royal Reason Why (What, Who and How)