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The Canadian Royal Heritage Trust (CRHT) is the chief organization spearheading and sponsoring The Queen Elizabeth II Blue Sapphire Statue Project, a national initiative to install a distinguished statue of Her Majesty at Queen’s Park, the grounds of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in Toronto, Canada.


The go-ahead plan is to unveil the statue in 2017 to commemorate 150 years of Confederation, which coincides with the Queen’s 65th year on the throne – the “blue sapphire” anniversary of Her Majesty’s remarkable reign. As Elizabeth II has been our Sovereign for almost half of Canada’s entire history since Confederation in 1867, the CRHT Statue Committee believes it makes eminent sense to celebrate these two momentous milestones with a bronze portrait of Her Maj.


Funds are urgently needed to pay the artist for sculpting the only enthroned figure of the Queen in the world (work underway), the foundry for casting the portrait in bronze (MST Bronze) as well as the order of granite for the stone base upon which the statue will rest (chiseled from the Canadian Shield).

All funds go directly to the CRHT to pay for the project. Inspired by the Fathers of Confederation who believed the Monarchy is the “essential element” of the Canadian Constitution, the Trust is a registered national charity, funded by donations, dedicated to preserving, presenting and enhancing the royal heritage of Canada.

Make your donation today to make this timely project a permanent reality. Any donation amount is appreciated. Canadian residents who donate $10 or more are eligible for a tax-deductible receipt. Donations are more than welcome from our close cousins in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and from around the world, especially from within the Commonwealth, who can show their friendship for Canada as the country celebrates Elizabeth II’s incredible sixty-five years on the Throne and the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Canadian Confederation.

Donations can be made by cheque, money order, credit card or e-transfer. The Trust’s Charity BN/ Registration number is 89161 7441 RR 0001. There are seven categories of supporters to the statue project: Friend ($10 or more), Associate ($100 or more), Benefactor ($500 or more) Patron ($1,000 or more), Leading Patron ($5,000 or more), Distinguished Patron ($10,000 or more), and Eminent Patron ($25,000 or more). All patrons will have their name listed on the official website (under development), unless they choose not to, as having made a substantial contribution to the royal statue.


QE2 Right Side Anna Passakas

QE2 Left Side





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Leading Patrons will receive a framed portrait (22 x 28 inches) of the Queen of their choosing (see above and below). Distinguished Patrons and Eminent Patrons will receive both framed portraits. These sketches, done on scratch board by the renown Canadian artist Anna Passakas, were part of her team’s proposal drawings to erect a statue of the Queen at Queen’s Park. While this standing proposal did not ultimately win the design competition, Anna’s team, in the opinion of the statue committee, provided the most striking visual representation of the Queen and easily offered the most impressive side-by-side depictions of Her Majesty.

Photo 2016-05-26, 6 50 15 AM




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In addition, Eminent Patrons, corporate sponsors and foundations that contribute $25,000 or more will receive a fully casted bronze maquette (8 x 10 x 18 inches) of the royal statue as illustrated below. Our goal is to fund this entirely by private donations. We are inviting the people to help create a permanent gift of gratitude – something they will be proud to show their kids and grandkids. Please help spread the word by sharing this worthy initiative on social media. What we create together will be a lasting tribute for generations to come. Sharing excitement for this new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II will make Blue Sapphire the celebration to experience in 2017.


This timely proposal and winning design was sculpted by the highly accomplished visual artist, Ruth Abernethy. The composition shows Her Majesty seated comfortably on the Throne of Canada. The portrait captures the sense of regal authority and attentive command that Elizabeth II so sincerely exudes.


The artist proposes to replicate the Throne of Canada for July 1st, 2017, a national anniversary. The replica throne represents and symbolizes the true seat of sovereign power in Canada, and is identical to the one inside the regal chambers of the nation’s Senate. 

The throne has fabric pleating around the seat which blocks a view of the chair’s underside. It will be proportion to fit a larger-than-life portrait of Her Majesty. Its decorative carvings and tufted upholstery will be accurately replicated. From this exquisite seat Queen Elizabeth II addressed the Canadian parliament in 1957 and 1977.




















An elegant cape spills across the throne’s right armrest. Soft “fabric” contrasts the iconic throne and adds a sense of comfort for chill Canadian winters. Once installed, this beautifully crafted portrait will be the only enthroned statue of the Queen in the world. 

Her Majesty is wearing the Queen Mary diadem, also known as Queen Alexandra’s Kokoshnik tiara. This portrait includes the Baring ruby necklace and matching earrings. The ruby necklace was worn on several Canadian visits by HM as a younger Queen and as a senior Monarch.


The Queen’s gown is adorned by golden fringe. It is unique, suggestive of an aboriginal princess and inspired by the Salish people of British Columbia. The gown is distinctively adorned with fringed beading reflective of traditional aboriginal designs. The dress was worn by the Queen when she addressed and opened Parliament in Ottawa in the year of her Silver Jubilee, 1977.

On the blue Garter sash, Her Majesty is wearing her Canadian orders: her insignia as Sovereign of the Order of Canada, which she established in 1967, on the centennial of Confederation, as well as her insignia as Sovereign of the Order of Military Merit.

Clasped in her left hand is a branch and a spray of maple leaves. Maple leaves will also be sculpted and cast as details on the stone plinth. In bronze they present possibilities for dedication text or names of provinces and territories.

This statue will only happen with your help. Please donate today to make this timely initiative a permanent reality. Thank you!




Individual donors, media inquiries and others seeking information on the statue project are directed to:

Michael J. Smith


The Queen Elizabeth II Blue Sapphire Statue Committee

Canadian Royal Heritage Trust

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