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The Canadian Royal Heritage Trust

P.O. Box 1332 – Toronto K, 2708 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4P 3J4

Tel: 416-482-4157; Email: [email protected]


2017 Donor to the Trust

To carry on its work the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust needs your support!

All donations are tax deductible. Please fill out this donation page and mail it with

your contribution to the address above. Feel free to duplicate this form and

distribute copies to persons you think would be interested in supporting the Trust,

or provide us with their names and we will contact them at your request.

I would like to support the work of the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust.

___ $1000 or more – Patron of the Trust

___ $500 or more – Benefactor of the Trust

___ $100 or more – Associate of the Trust

___ $10 or more – Supporter of the Trust

Enclosed is my donation of $ ____________ to The Canadian Royal Heritage Trust.

This is a general donation _____ or it is for the following specific programme or project of the CRHT (e.g. Statue of the Queen; Shakespeare on the Platform):


Name ________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________

City ________________________ Province ________________ Code _____________

Tel: ___________________________ Email:__________________________________

I wish to volunteer to help the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust in the following areas:

Archives _____ Branches _____ Community _____ Dinner _____ Education _____

Fund Raising _____ History _____ Library _____ Museum _____ Newsletter _____

Publicity _____ Special Events ___ Website _____

Please contact the persons I have listed on the back of this sheet with information about the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust, inviting them to become donors to the Trust as well.