Canadian Royal Heritage Trust

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Canadian Royal Heritage Trust Directory

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Board of Trustees


Officers / Trustees

Arthur Bousfield (Chairman) [Toronto, Ontario]

Dr Paul Benoit (Vice-Chairman) [Ottawa, Ontario]

* Garry Toffoli (Vice-Chairman and Executive-Director) [Toronto, Ontario]

* J. Kirk Howard (Past-Chairman) [Keswick, Ontario]

Edward Travolo (Treasurer) [Toronto, Ontario]

Barbara Rusch (Recording Secretary) [Thornhill, Ontario]

Prof. John McLeod (Corresponding Secretary) [Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.]

Lynne Bell (Public Relations Secretary) [Calgary, Alberta]



Cyril Bagin [Windsor, Ontario]

Ted Chudleigh [Oakville, Ontario]

Charles Coulombe [Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.]

Keith Currie [Hamilton, Ontario]

Dr Roy Eappen [Montreal, Quebec]

Jack Heath [Markham, Ontario]

Rafal Heydel-Mankoo [London, England, United Kingdom]

Col Paul Hughes [Calgary, Alberta]

Stuart Iversen [Montreal, Quebec]

Stu Kellock [Markham, Ontario]

Stephen Klimczuk-Massion [Victoria, British Columbia]

Revd Christopher LePage [Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island]

Kwan-Ho Leung [Markham, Ontario]

Chief Donald Maracle [Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Deseronto, Ontario]

Prof. Jacques Monet, s.j. [Toronto, Ontario]

Alexander Reford [Mont Joli, Quebec]

Brian Romagnoli [Vineland, Ontario]

Dr Alexander Roman [Toronto, Ontario]

Prof. Downes Ryan [Montreal, Quebec]

Michael Smith [Sutton West, Ontario]

Dr Richard Toporoski [Vancouver, British Columbia]

Thomas Wardle [Nassau, Bahamas]

Rod Wylie [Mirror, Alberta]


Honorary Chairman

Hon. Alan Redway, PC, QC [Toronto, Ontario]


(* Indicates Founding Trustee)



Executive Committee

Arthur Bousfield (Board Chairman); Lynne Bell, Dr Paul Benoit, Kirk Howard, Prof. John McLeod, Barbara Rusch, Garry Toffoli, Edward Travolo

Civic Liturgy Committee

Dr Paul Benoit (Committee Chairman), Cyril Bagin (Southwestern Ontario); Dr Roy Eappen (Quebec), Christopher LePage (Atlantic Canada); Chief Donald Maracle (Southeastern Ontario), Prof. Jacques Monet, sj (Toronto), Dr Richard Toporoski (Western Canada)

Operations Committee

Garry Toffoli (Committee Chairman), Stu Kellock (GTA); Kwan Ho Leung (GTA); Brian Romagnoli (Eastern Canada); Rod Wylie (Western Canada)

Public Relations Committee

Lynne Bell (Committee Chairman), Charles Coulombe (United States), Rafal Heydel-Mankoo (United Kingdom), Thomas Wardle (Caribbean)

Special Tasks Committee

Arthur Bousfield (Board Chairman), Keith Currie (Awards), Ted Chudleigh (Queen’s Statue Committee), Alexander Reford (At Large); Prof. Downes Ryan (At Large); Dr Alexander Roman (Queen’s Statue Committee), Michael Smith (Queen’s Statue Committee)

Strategic Fundraising and Development Committee

Kirk Howard (Committee Chairman), Jack Heath, Col Paul Hughes, Stuart Iversen, Stephen Klimczuk-Massion


Canadian Royal Heritage Institute

(CRHT’s Operations Wing)


The Canadian Royal Heritage Institute is the operations wing of the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust. It is tasked with carrying out the activities necessary to implement the Trust’s mandate of preserving, presenting and enhancing the royal heritage of Canada. Its activities are conducted throughout Canada.  Donors to and volunteers of the Trust become members of the Canadian Royal Heritage Institute by virtue of their contribution and belong to one of twelve geographical areas for administrative and programming purposes.

The Canadian Royal Heritage Institute operates through ten functional divisions, which undertake the various roles assigned to the Institute by the board of trustees of the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust and reports to the board through the executive director, who is a trustee on the board.  The functional divisions are:

King Louis XIV Canadian Royal Heritage Archives;

Canadian Royal Heritage Community Presentations;

Canadian Royal Heritage Education;

Canadian Royal Heritage History, Research and Publications;

King George III Canadian Royal Heritage Library;

Canadian Royal Heritage Museum, Galleries and Displays;

Canadian Royal Heritage Newsletter;

Canadian Royal Heritage Programmes;

Canadian Royal Heritage Publicity;

Canadian Royal Heritage Website.

Executive-Director: Garry Toffoli
Archivist: David Bentley
Community Presentations Co-ordinator: Paul Denter, U.E.
Education Co-ordinator:
Historian: Arthur Bousfield
Museum, Galleries and Displays Curator: Brian Romagnoli
Newsletter Editor: Regina Silva Robinson
Programmes Co-ordinator:
Publicity Co-ordinator: Robert Scott
Webmasters: Ian Payton & Derek Rosario

Friends of the Canadian Royal Heritage

As a Friend of the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust you make it possible for the Trust to carry out its charitable activities. A Friend does not pay a membership fee, but makes a donation of $10 or more to the Trust, which is tax-deductible.

There are four categories of Friends:
Supporter ($10 or more), Associate ($100 or more), Benefactor ($500 or more) Patron ($1000 or more). The Trust’s Charity BN/ Registration number is 89161 7441 RR 0001.

As a Friend of the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust, in addition to helping preserve the royal heritage of Canada, you will receive newsletters with reports on the work of the Trust and news about Canada’s royal heritage, and you will be informed of activities and special events held by the Trust, which you will be able to attend.


Please print and use this form to make your donation and become a Friend of the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust.

Canadian-Royal-Heritage-Trust-Donor-Form PDF