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Canadian Royal Heritage History, Research and Publications

The Canadian Royal Heritage Institute’s history, research and publications division compiles information on royal heritage sites and artefacts in Canada, conducts research into the history of the Canadian Crown, answers enquiries and prepares publications.

The staff answers questions from the public on varied aspects of the Canadian Monarchy, which include the Crown’s constitutional, historical, social, genealogical and cultural expressions, as well as the Royal Family. Enquiries may be sent to this website. (We will be establishing provision on the website for enquiries to be posted for other visitors to see, comment on or otherwise assist with.) Other channels of enquiry are by email, telephone, fax, or post.

More detailed research will be undertaken by the history, research and publications division through special arrangement with an enquirer. In this case a fee, settled in advance on the basis of the estimated amount of time and work involved, is charged. In a consultative capacity, the history, research and publications division, having access to experts in numerous fields, has provided and is willing to provide information and advice relating to the Crown for historical exhibitions, TV documentaries, films, novels and plays. Such data would be likely to cover a spectrum of monarchical subjects ranging from customs, etiquette and traditions to royal and viceregal personalities.

The history, research and publications division also conducts its own ongoing research on the Monarchy. For example, it is presently compiling a national catalogue of the buildings, place names, statues, monuments, portraits, cyphers and museum treasures that comprise Canada’s rich heritage of monarchy. It welcomes information about such heritage items from the public, especially visitors to the website, and full acknowledgement will be given for material added to the catalogue in that way.

The history, research and publications division has already produced a short booklet of basic information about the Queen of Canada, entitled Elizabeth II Queen of Canada. In 2002 it provided the text for the brochure accompanying a display called Through Canadian Eyes that consisted of the official photographs of the Queen taken by Canadians and a photographic record of many paintings, statues, busts, sketches and profiles of the Sovereign done by Canadian artists in the fifty years of Her Majesty’s reign. That display was assembled from the Canadian Royal Heritage Archives and held at Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto as an accompaniment to a major concert and has been updated with images through 2012. In addition, the history, research and publications division has in preparation a publication on the Royal Anthem of Canada.

General information on the Canadian Monarchy prepared by the Canadian Royal Heritage Institute is posted on the website under Discovering Canada’s Monarchy.

For further information and enquiries:

Historian: Arthur Bousfield

email: [email protected]
Telephone: 416-482-4157