Canadian Royal Heritage Trust

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Canadian Royal Heritage Display at Willow Cottage Inn

Canadian Royal Heritage Display
(at Willow Cottage Inn)
Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is named after Prince Edward, Duke of Kent (1767 – 1820), fourth son of King George III and father of Queen Victoria. The Duke lived in Canada between 1791 and 1800, was Commander-in-Chief of British North America and an early advocate of Canadian Confederation. The 1864 conference that led to Confederation was held in the capital of Charlottetown (named for Queen Charlotte, Consort of King George III) so the island province has rightly claimed the designation “Birthplace of Confederation” and is an appropriate site for the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust’s Atlantic Canada display.

Willow Cottage Inn is located in Cavendish, the setting for Anne of Green Gables. A display of the Canadian Royal Heritage Institute’s portraits of the Kings and Queens of Canada since Confederation is presented throughout the halls of the inn.

Canada’s Kings and Queens

Framed portraits of the six Canadian monarchs since Confederation – Queen Victoria (1867 [reign started 1837] – 1901), King Edward VII (1901 – 1910), King George V (1910 – 1936), King Edward VIII (1936), King George VI (1936 – 1952) and Queen Elizabeth II (1952 – ) and their consorts constitute the Trust’s display at Willow Cottage Inn.


Willow Cottage Inn is located at 40 Memory Lane, Route 6, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island.


Willow Cottage Inn: