Canadian Royal Heritage Trust

A National Educational Charity

Golden and Diamond Jubilee Medal Recipients

In 2002 the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust was invited to nominate ten people to the Governor-General to receive the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal. ┬áThese recipients were:

Keith Currie (Toronto, Ont.), for creating the “Red Box” educational programme.

Kirk Howard (Keswick, Ont.), founder Chairman of the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust.

Barbara Kemp (Toronto, Ont.), for years of volunteer work for the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust. [now deceased]

John Medcof (Toronto, Ont.), for preserving and restoring the Diefenbaker birthplace. [now deceased]

Lisa Mitchell (Toronto, Ont.), for her work photographing Canada’s royal events.

Brian Romagnoli (Vineland, Ont.), for his painting “500 Years of Royal Canada”.

Ivor Vavasour (Toronto, Ont.), for his services to the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust. [now deceased]

Thomas Wardle Jr (Toronto, Ont.), for years of advocacy for Canada’s royal identity.

Claudia Willetts (Toronto, Ont.), for creating the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust’s King George III Library. [now deceased]

Rod Wylie (Delta, B.C.), for his exhibits and museum assistance on royal heritage.


In 2012 the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust was also invited to nominate thirty-seven people to the Governor-General to receive the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. These recipients were:

James Allan (Toronto, Ont.), for promoting royal heritage, youth, literacy and nature organisations.

Cyril Bagin (Windsor, Ont.), for committed community volunteer work fostering Canadian values.

Lynne Bell (Calgary, Alta), for her distinguished work as a journalist covering royal events.

Dr Paul Benoit (Ottawa, Ont.), for being a voice for the philosophy of kingship in the academic world.

David Bentley (Belleville, Ont.), for establishing the royal room at the Belleville Scout-Guide Museum.

Donald Booth, UE (Don Mills, Ont.), for his work in vexilology and as a benefactor of the CRHT library.

Arthur Bousfield (Toronto, Ont.), for his writings on the Canadian Monarchy.

Keith Currie (Hamilton, Ont.), for volunteer work serving the community in which he teaches.

Paul Denter, UE (Toronto, Ont.), for services to the CRHT museum and community presentations.

Alison Eastwood (Toronto, Ont.), for her work as Editor-in-Chief of Hello! Canada magazine.

Mary Beacock Fryer (Toronto, Ont.), for her books on Canada’s military history under the Crown.

Ellen Gillespie (Hamilton, Ont.), for her community work enhancing Canadian heritage.

Rafal Heydel-Mankoo (London, U.K.), for his scholarly writings and commentary on the Crown.

Cpl Philip Horgan (Toronto, Ont.), for his military service in Afghanistan and his volunteer work in Toronto.

Kirk Howard (Keswick, Ont.), for publishing over decades a range of books on Canadian heritage.

Zani Karaiwanoff (Oakville, Ont.), for his generous support of the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust.

Stephen Klimczuk (Santa Fe, U.S.A.), for involving the Royal Family in Canadian life.

Christopher LePage (Charlottetown, P.E.I.), for his work as Atlantic Canada representative of the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust.

Kwan-Ho Leung (Markham, Ont.), for raising royal awareness in Canada’s Chinese community.

Brian Martin (Brampton, Ont.), for organising the annual British Isles Show for over twenty years.

Prof. John McLeod, UE (Louisville, U.S.A.), for monarchical scholarship, in particular the history of India.

Edward Moroney (Toronto, Ont.), for contributions to Canada’s royal heritage as a composer.

John Palmer (Toronto, Ont.), for raising consciousness of Canada’s identity as a school teacher.

Regina Silva Robinson (Toronto, Ont.), for a long record of writings in the media on the Monarchy.

Dr Alexander Roman (Toronto, Ont.), for developing non-partisan heritage bills for Ontario MPPs.

Barbara Rusch (Thornhill, Ont.), for cultural work, especially in royal and Holocaust memorial education.

Prof. Hereward Senior (Westmount, Que.), for mentoring generations studying the Canadian Monarchy.

Michael Smith (Sutton West, Ont.), for his major role in restoring the royal names of the Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force.

Russell Smith (Toronto, Ont.), for originating the first of the three “royal gardens” at Queen’s Park.

Stephen Smith (Port Hope, Ont.), for helping to restore royal cyphers on the Queen Elizabeth Way.

Marjorie Stephenson (Toronto, Ont.), for services to the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust.

Jane Anne Thompson (Napanee, Ont.), for involving her community in celebrating royal milestones.

Garry Toffoli (Toronto, Ont.), for his philosophical and political insight in commentary on the Crown.

Edward Travolo (Scarborough, Ont.), for leadership in community service in many NGOs.

Doreen Vanini (Toronto, Ont.), for initiating the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Rose Garden.

Ron Welker (Waterloo, Ont.), for significant contributions to the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust archives and library.

Msgr Peter Wilkinson (Victoria, B.C.), for helping the keep Canada’s royal heritage a living one.