Canadian Royal Heritage Trust

A National Educational Charity

Canadian Royal Heritage Awards Dinner

The Canadian Royal Heritage Awards Dinner is a special gala social event that serves four important purposes for the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust. First, it is the occasion when most of the Canadian Royal Heritage Awards are presented to the recipients who have contributed their time, talents and treasure to ensuring that Canada’s royal fabric is maintained or enhanced. Secondly, a prominent Canadian is invited to be the guest speaker, bringing his or her unique understanding of an aspect of Canadian life to a receptive audience. Thirdly, the dinner is an enjoyable social event, engendering a spirit of fraternity among the supporters of the work of theTrust. Fourthly, the dinner generates funds for the Trust, providing some of the financial resources that allow the Trust to carry out its mission. A charitable receipt for income tax purposes is issued for a portion of the dinner ticket price.

The dinner has been held in Toronto at a variety of venues over the years, each offering attendees an excellent dining experience. The venues and the speakers have included:


The Duke of Devon Restaurant (2012)

Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) Jeffrey Cairns,

Honour Our 1812 Heroes Committee

The Duke of Westminster Restaurant, Grand Hall (2011)

Hon. Jason Kenney, PC,

Minister of Citizenship, Immigration & Multiculturalism

The Ontario Legislative Assembly Dining Room (2010)

Alison Eastwood,

Editor-in-Chief of Hello! Canada Magazine

The Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club (2009)

Dr Christopher McCreery,

Author & Private Secretary to the Lieut-Governor of Nova Scotia

The University Club of Toronto (2008)

Commodore Jennifer Bennett,

Commander of the Naval Reserve of Canada

The Albany Club (2006)

Senator Hugh Segal

Black Creek Pioneer Village (2005)

Senator Serge Joyal

The Royal Canadian Military Institute (2004)

Major-General (Ret’d) Richard Rohmer


Fine food and engaging speeches, musical entertainment and elegant surroundings make the Canadian Royal Heritage Awards Dinner a special day in the calendar of all Canadian royalists.