Canadian Royal Heritage Trust

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Canadian Royal Heritage Award

Prix du Fonds du patrimoine royal du Canada

The Canadian Royal Heritage Award is given annually by the Trust to recognise individuals or corporate bodies that have made an outstanding contribution towards preserving, presenting or enhancing Canada’s royal heritage.


A Message from Arthur Bousfield,

Chairman of The Canadian Royal Heritage Trust

As part of its work to expand public knowledge and appreciation of the Crown, The Canadian Royal Heritage Trust in 2003 established a national Canadian Royal Heritage Award. The purpose of the Award is to recognise individuals or corporate bodies that have made an outstanding contribution towards preserving, presenting or enhancing Canada’s royal heritage.

Members of the public are invited to nominate a person or group of persons for the Canadian Royal Heritage Award, which was given for the first time in 2004.

A contribution worthy of recognition could involve the restoration of a royal monument, preservation of an object or site with monarchial associations or creation of some entirely new manifestation of the influence and effect of the Crown, thereby adding to the existing heritage. It could also be something that furthered knowledge or study of the Crown in Canada in the academic rather than physical sphere.

The terms Crown and Monarchy mean anything associated with a Sovereign past or present; a member of the Royal Family past or present; a viceregal representative past or present; or the institution of the Crown.

Individuals or corporate bodies are welcome to submit more than one nomination. To do so use the Nomination Form found on this website. The deadline for nominations is 13th September. All nominations must be sent to Canadian Royal Heritage Award, Suite 206C – 3050 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4N 2K4, by e-mail or faxed or mailed as indicated at the bottom of the form.


Canadian Royal Heritage Awards are generally presented at the annual Canadian Royal Heritage Awards Dinner.  Click on the dinner tab to learn more about this highlight of the Trust’s year.


Recipients of the Canadian Royal Heritage Award have included:


2018    Royal Over-Seas League, Ontario Chapter

            Ian Martin Payton

            Zoomer Media Limited

2017    Arts and Letters Club of Toronto

            Noel Shawn McFerran

            WNED-TV, Channel 17

2016    Robert Morrow

            Charles Pachter

2015     William Galbraith

             Hon. Peter Mackay

2014     James William John Bowden

             Dr Carolyn Suzanne Harris

             Narine Dat Sookram

2013     The Reverend Canon Stanley Sinclair

2012     Honour Our 1812 Heroes Committee      

             City Of Markham

             Shawn Carnes

             Andrew Coyne

             Professor Jack Lohman, Royal British Columbia Museum

             Robert Scott

2011     The Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship,    

                  Immigration and Multiculturalism

             Janet Huse  

2010     The Legislative Assembly of Alberta

             Hello! Canada Magazine

2009     Toronto Branch, Royal Heraldry Society of Canada

             Christopher Paul McCreery

2008     H. Kent Jackson

             Margaret Lillian Kennett

2007     City of London, Canada

             John Ballergal Wilkes

2006     Paul Denter, UE

2005     Jane Ann Thompson  

             Susan Velder


             Fairmont Royal York Hotel        

             The Monarchist League of Canada

             Pictou County Branch, The Monarchist League of Canada   

             Toronto Branch, The Monarchist League of Canada

             University of British Columbia

             David Bentley

             Professor J. Alvin Boyd

             Michael Jackson

             The Honourable Serge Joyal

             Laurence Patten

             Louis Temporale




Alberta Legislative Assembly (Edmonton), for adding the cypher and royal arms of Elizabeth II and the cyphers of Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII and George V to its building’s central entrance.

David Bentley (Belleville, Ont.), for creating a royal library and collection of related artefacts in the country’s largest Scout-Guide museum, in Belleville, Ontario.

James William John Bowden (Ottawa), for his writings on royal constitutional issues, his public affairs blog and scholarly support to the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust’s neutral intervention in the Quebec Superior Court case on the Canadian Succession Act.

Prof. J. Alvin Boyd (London, Ont.), for bringing about the naming of Jubilee Square in London, Ontario to mark the Queen’s fifty years on the Throne. [now deceased]

Shawn Carnes (Joliet, Ill.), for demonstrating his love for Canada by constantly requesting government commemoration and honouring of Canadian institutions, traditions and anniversaries.

Andrew Coyne (Toronto, Ont.), for his consistent and intelligent support and explanation of the Crown in his opinion columns and media appearances as a journalist.

John Paul Denter, UE (Toronto, Ont.), for his work explaining the importance of Canada’s royal identity in the broader heritage community and the educational system.

Fairmont Royal York Hotel (Toronto, Ont.), for restoring coats of arms of King George V, Queen Mary and members of the Royal Family, created at its opening in 1929.

Dr Carolyn Suzanne Harris (Toronto, Ont), for meticulously accurate media commentary on the Crown, royal scholarship (doctoral thesis on Queern Henrietta Maria and Queen Marie Antoinette) and teaching at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies.

Hello! Canada Magazine (Toronto, Ont.), for bringing to Canadians illustrated news of the Royal Family on a consistent and quality basis.

Honour Our 1812 Heroes Committee (Niagara, Ont.), for diligent perserverance, meticulous research and persuasive argument in ensuring perpetuation of the legacy of Canadian soldiers of King George III to those of Queen Elizabeth II recognised by the Crown through regimental battle honours..

Janet Huse (Maumee, Ill.), for assisting the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust by photographing royal tours of Canada over many years.

Kent Jackson (Toronto, Ont.), for his years of hard work, helping create royal heritage sites, organising events and mounting public displays on the Canadian Monarchy.

Dr Michael Jackson (Regina, Sask.), for his educational writings on the Crown in Canada, and his role in developing the Saskatchewan Order of Merit and Royal Arms.

Hon. Serge Joyal (Montreal, Que.), for generosity, public spirit and cultural initiative in donating portraits of Canadian Sovereigns for display in the Parliament Buildings.

Margaret Lillian Kennett (Belleville, Ont.), for establishing the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust in the Quinte, Ontario area, and focusing on public education through displays and events. [now deceased]

Hon. Jason Kenney (Calgary, Alta), for significantly enhancing the place of the Sovereign, the Royal Family and the royal institutions of Canada in the country’s public life.

Prof. Jack Lohman, OBE (Victoria,BC), for expressing the royal side of the province’s history in his work as CEO of The Royal British Columbia Museum, notably the exhibit for HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

City of London, Ont., for the implementation of its development plan for Victoria Park, named after the Mother of Confederation, in the heart of the city.

City of Markham, Ont., for its extensive and imaginative programme celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, in a diverse community.

Dr Christopher McCreery (Halifax, N.S.), for his contribution through several scholarly books to a greater understanding of Canada’s royal honours system by Canadians.

Monarchist League of Canada, Dominion (Oakville, Ont.), for its intern programme that enables students to work in the offices of the Ontario Lieutenant-Governors for short periods.

Monarchist League of Canada, Pictou County Branch (Pictou, Nova Scotia), for planting trees in Acadia Park in Westville, Nova Scotia, to celebrate the hundredth birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Monarchist League of Canada, Toronto Branch (Toronto, Ont.), for donating a Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Rose Garden to Queen’s Park in Toronto.

Lawrie Patten (Victoria, B.C.), for restoring the heraldic shields of Sovereigns, members of the Royal Family and Governors-General at Government House, Victoria, B.C.

Robert Scott (Toronto, Ont.), for giving extensively of his time and talent to the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust museum, its community outreach and events, and his encouragement of young Canadians to study the Crown.

Rev’d Canon Stanley R. Sinclair (Victoria), for promoting public education on the royal heritage of his adopted country.

Narine Dat Sookram (Kitchener) for helping every day Canadians connect with their royal heritage, thereby strengthening Canada’s core identity.

Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, Toronto Branch (Toronto, Ont.), for its contribution to restoration of the Royal Arms and other shields in the Great Hall of Hart House at the University of Toronto.

Louis Temporale (Honey Harbour, Ont.), for refurbishing the statue of King George VI at Niagara Falls, originally carved for the Niagara Parks Comminssion by his father.

Jane Anne Thompson (Belleville, Ont.) for making the Quinte area of Ontario more aware of Canada’s motif of monarchy through her educational and cultural efforts.

University of British Columbia (Vancouver), for restoration of the statue of HM King George VI on the university grounds.

Susan Velder (St Walburg, Sask), for creating for the Government of Saskatchewan a larger than life-size bronze equestrian statue of Her Majesty The Queen to mark the Sovereign’s Golden Jubilee.

John Wilkes (Toronto, Ont.), for his promotion of Canadian heraldry as an expression of royal identity, and his service to the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust as a trustee.